Come Play BlogShares [Archived]

Come Play BlogShares [Archived]

[Blogshares has since shut down, but keeping this page around in its memory[

Hey guys and gals, I just wanted to let you know about an online fantasy stock-market called BlogShares. It lists tons of blogs and values them by various means like incoming/outgoing links, etc.

Players can buy and sell shares of various blogs (they don’t convey actual ownership in blogs, just in the game), ideas (think of them as intellectual property), and chips (the ‘social’ currency, chips are awarded for various actions such as reporting dead blogs, categorizing blogs, etc). There are many other aspects to BlogShares, such as making and using artefacts, which can be used to do things such as hype or lower a stock, perform a hostile takeover, a blog restructuring, etc.

There are many ways to make money, chips, fortune and fame on BlogShares, and not everyone focuses on the same thing. In other words, there’s always room for one more player. If you have a blog, it may or may not already be listed and increasing in B$ value (a fake, in-game currency). Click Here or go to to check it out.


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