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What to do with your newly-modified CueCat

What to do with your newly-modified CueCat

Here are a few things you can do with your new-found number-entry tool:

  1. Search, Add and Edit entries on Barcodepedia (A wiki-style barcode catalog)
  2. Set up an archive of your DVDs CDs, Books, Comics, Games, etc. Try a quick web search.
  3. If you really wanted, you could print out certain commands or long strings you type often (like for example), print them off in Code 128 format, and scan them as required instead of typing. This would be an interesting way to store passwords.. Folks would have no idea what a cue-card with barcodes on it is for. :-D
  4. If you can figure out anything else fun to do, please feel free to post about it in the comments section for this article.
CueCat-Readable Barcodes

CueCat-Readable Barcodes

Barcode symbologies that the CueCat reads:

Barcode symbologies that the CueCat does not read:

  • RSS
  • Code 93
  • PharmaCode
  • Codabar
  • Any 2D Barcodes
  • Barcodes with varying height (POSTNET, etc)


  • EAN-2, EAN-5
  • Code 39
  • Any others?

For more information on barcodes, check out:

CueCat Hacking

CueCat Hacking

I bought 3 nice, new, and almost shiny CueCats in a package deal from eBay. :-D

As far as a tutorial for hacking CueCats, here goes.

Disclaimer: This hack is for the 2-screw, PS-2 CueCats. Don’t try this if your CueCat has 4 screws, or if it is USB. (Google is your friend). This tutorial is provided with no guarantee of accuracy or completeness, and I am not responsible for any damages this may cause.

  1. Open up the CueCat by removing the 2 screws on the bottom and gently removing the top. [CueCat Opened Up]
  2. Remove the cable gently [CueCat, Cable Removed]
  3. Remove the two pins as directed in this picture by applying heat from a soldering iron and bending the pins upwards.
  4. Check your work to make sure there is no left-over solder or any pins touching one-another.
  5. Reassemble the CueCat.

For more information, look on Google or read “Hardware Hacking: Having Fun While Voiding Your Warranty“. :thumbsup: