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Parts from Digi-Key!

Parts from Digi-Key!

Ok, here’s the batch of parts I received from Digi-Key for my C64 DTV.

I ordered case-mount parts so I wouldn’t have to worry about making boards to mount the connectors.

CP-1060-ND – 6-Pin DIN Male Connector (Tested to fit into C64 IEC port)
CP-1260-ND – 6-Pin DIN Panel-Mount Female Socket (Mates with CP-1060-ND)
609-1524-ND – 9-Pin DSUB Male Plug with Solder Cups
CP-2960-ND – 6-Pin Mini-DIN Panel-Mount Female Socket
576K-ND – Phono Jack, Black Center, Panel Mount with Hex nut and Hex base

401-1282-ND – SPST 16A Rocker Switch (White Rocker on Black Housing)
401-1279-ND – SPDT 16A Rocker Switch (White Rocker on Black Housing)
EG2015-ND – Momentary 3A SPST Pushbutton Switch with Solder Loop Pins (Red Cap and White Stem)

SC1048-ND – 0.1″ Panel-Mount Power Jack Connector, Solder Loop Pins, with Hardware