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This Site, and WebHostPlus

This Site, and WebHostPlus

Hi all, 

Sorry for the downtime, but that was the usual downtime to be expected from WebHostPlus, who owns a number of (previously good) hosting sites. I finally managed to get my data off their server after a downtime of 4+ days, and signed up with GoDaddy hosting. GoDaddy offers great service at a price much more reasonable than I was paying previously. (Though, it is to be noted that I was buying a reseller plan previously, so I could host all the sites I wanted to. For now, with all the space and bandwidth I get, I’ll just host one domain, and forward the others to subdomains on this one) 

I used to have service with Mesopia, who was bought out by Netbunch; Netbunch was bought out by WebHostPlus, and kept the name.

At the time of this posting, the whole site seems to have fallen apart. The “online help” is offline, because their script license expired, they don’t respond to trouble tickets, their toll-free phone number doesn’t exist anymore, their forums are offline, and their support email bounces. All the company’s servers are listed as ‘down’, and from reports on WebHostingTalk, they have been on and off sporadically. [Edit: Well, obviously the server I was on was up long enough for me to get my site off, hence what you see now :)] 

Anyways, for more great user stories, check out this thread on the WebHostingTalk Forums, and if you are/were a customer of WebHostPlus or any of its downstream companies, check out

These comments were true as of the time of posting. states:

Web Host Plus, Inc. owns, merged with, or has changed its name to the following: ihosting, NetBunch, Vilitas, MyBizHosting, HostMeFast, My-Servlet Hosting,, Mesopia, Dinix, 1PlanHost,

Update [October 17, 2006]

It seems now that has its Live Chat back online via WebHostPlus’s live chat Here. I’ve yet to check if their toll free number is back in service or not yet, but I really have no reason to.

I got a response to my support ticket requesting my account be closed and to not auto-renew to my credit card. This surprised me most of all, but I’m just glad it’s over with.

Update [January 12, 2008]:

I received an email from Jay Higdon today, now with

This is Jay Higdon, a Head Geek of and an original owner of, and with a couple of updates for you and also, a special offer. I hope this e-mail finds you and your website well. We have received a lot of requests to send out a new update regarding Netbunch & WHP. It has been quite a long time and I do have an update for you regarding the fiasco that was WebHostPlus’s acquisition of

We hope that things have worked out for you since WebHostPlus’s demise. As it stands currently, a federal bankruptcy court is working to clean up the WebHostPlus mess that involves over a dozen companies.

All I can say is, well, justice is served!