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Ogma touches you gently with a silver wand (arcing).
You have died!
Haveok screams.
Yoru points and laughs at you.
Ogma asks, ‘What the?
You say, ‘haha
Ogma touches a stud on his wand and the lightning vanishes from around its tip.
Haveok pokes corpse.
Ogma pulls something out of a pocket..
Ogma begins to incant a spell.
The corpse of Danor the village idiot (with you in it) gains a scintillating aura around it.

Boriat laughs.
Boriat says in common, ‘Poor Danor
You say, ‘Thanks ogma I needed that
Ogma begins to incant a spell.
Ogma gently presses the ghostly figure of Danor back into his corpse.
You are now speaking common.

Ogma pulls a clue-by-four from an extradimensional pocket.
Ogma whacks you upside the head with a clue-by-four!
*You think your enlightenment skill has improved. *
Ogma returns his clue-by-four to its place.

Ogma asks, ‘What the hell?
You ask in common, ‘Enh?
Ogma asks, ‘Why was he so damaged?
Ogma asks, ‘Why?
Boriat says in common, ‘You disabled his head earlier
You say in common, ‘From the pick-a-limb
Ogma rolls his eyes.