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Pets listen too well…

Pets listen too well…

You say in common, ‘Bacardi (enter hatch)
You grin.
Katsumi gasps.
Bacardi dooks happily.
Bacardi opens a hidden hatch in the floor and crawls in!
Dakani pokes you in the ribs.
You blink.
You blink.
Katsumi screams.
You hear a muffled scream from somewhere far below.
You say in common, ‘Omfg

Katsumi screams.
Soft grins.
Katsumi slaps you!
Gie cackles.
Katsumi exclaims in common, ‘Get her out!
Gie cackles.
Gie cackles.
Gie says in common, ‘Just get a mark and go down there
You shout in common, ‘Uh
Urthan says in common, ‘Or shout come here command
Katsumi says in common, ‘Wont work
Katsumi says in common, ‘She’s in the underdark
Urthan says in common, ‘Uhh
Gie exclaims in common, ‘Lets go get her!
Legion laughs.
Katsumi cheers.
Urthan says in common, ‘Danor go fetch
Urthan nods.
You think.
Katsumi tries to push you down the hatch.
You shout in common, ‘Bacardi (come here)
Urthan says in common, ‘Before sandwich become demoness
You ponder the situation.
You cheer demonferret.

You squeeze into the hatch and slide down a chute!

It is pitch black.

You take bacardi the ferret (lying on the floor) and put it in your pack.
Katsumi falls into the room from a hidden chute!
Katsumi pats Hamster on the head.
Katsumi cheers.
Katsumi says in common, Gie’s getting recall stuff
You charred Hamster’s left foreleg to a crisp with your green fire bolt.
Hamster’s left foreleg is destroyed!
Hamster died!

Katsumi says in common, ‘Gie’s gonna bring us some marks
Katsumi says in common, ‘And I have a recall scroll
Katsumi says in common, ‘Just came down to make sure the room was safe for him
You say in common, ‘Oh ok
Katsumi asks in common, ‘Can you sz gie?
Katsumi says in common, ‘Tell him kat says the rooms clear of any threats, ie ‘hamsters’
Katsumi laughs.