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Targus RemoteTunes for iPod

Targus RemoteTunes for iPod

This is the Targus RemoteTunes(tm) for iPod. I got it from XSCargo, where they currently have them available for CDN$9.99.

Its guts include a transmitter and receiver pair. Even considering I don’t have an iPod to use this with, for $10.. I’m not arguing.

The receiver has:

The transmitter has:

The receiver and transmitter both have some unused pins on them:

Receiver (Base):

  • J: ICSP Data 
  • C: ICSP Clock
  • V: VPP / !MCLR
  • G: Ground
  • +: 3.3V from iPod

    PIC Pins:

  1. Power (Vcc = 3.3V)
  2. ?
  3. (Something to do with the output jack)
  4. VPP (Programming Voltage) / !MCLR (Reset)
  5. Data (From HiMark Pin 8)
  6. ICSP Clock
  7. ICSP Data / Serial Transmit
  8. Ground

    HiMark Pins: (Pages 11-12 of Datasheet. Pins I especially care about are un-italicized.)

  1. Oscillator 2 (From Tunable Coil)
  2. IF filter output
  3. Comparator input A
  4. Comparator input B
  5. Comparator offset adjustment
  6. Ground
  7. Ground
  8. Data (to PIC Pin 5)
  9. Disable
  10. Comparator input C
  11. Limiter Input
  12. Limiter Feedback A
  13. Limiter Feedback B
  14. RF Amplifier Input (Virf)
  15. RF Amplifier Ground (Vee)
  16. RF Amplifier Output (Vorf) 
  17. Mixer Input
  18. Power (Vcc = 3.3V)
  19. Power (Vcc =.3.3V)
  20. Oscillator 1 (To Tunable Coil)

Transmitter (Remote):

  • J: VPP / !MCLR
  • C: Serial Programming Clock
  • Unlettered: Serial Programming Data
  • G: Ground
  • +: Batteries (6V)

    PIC Pins:

  1. Power (Batteries)
  2. ?
  3. Play/Pause Button (Center)
  4. VPP (Programming Voltage) / !MCLR (Reset)
  5. Volume Down (Bottom Left)
  6. Volume Up (Bottom Right)
  7. ?
  8. LED
  9. ?
  10. Crystal?
  11. ?
  12. Serial Programming Clock / Back Button (Top Left)
  13. Serial Programming Data / Forward (Top Right)
  14. Ground 

See also:
Apple iPod Jack Pinout – Explains the pinout and protocol for 2nd and 3rd Generation iPods.

(iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.)

Canon EOS SLR Wired Shutter Release (Work in Progress)

Canon EOS SLR Wired Shutter Release (Work in Progress)

Ok, just starting out, but I’m going to make a shutter control as described here: “Super Mini Switch – A RS60-E3 Replacement”.

Parts I have so far:

From a broken Casio calculator:
2x Calculator Buttons (I’m trying to decide which ones, I’m thinking either C (red) or EXP (grey) for exposure, and ‘.’ (blue) for focus)
1x Rubber Layer with buttons to trigger touch sensor

From a broken CD Player:
1x 3.5mm Stereo Plug

From my cool junk pile:
1x Touch Sensor

From an old machine my dad got from work:
1x SPST Toggle Switch (Off/On)

From Dallas Semiconductor:
1x Plastic Box for shipping and storing ICs

It’s a shame what people throw away, really. I found the “Broken CD Player” smashed to pieces on the ground, ditto with the Casio calculator. Total cost so far: $0

Update: Stuff I got from the Dollar Store for the project:
Cell phone headset (for the 2.5mm plug) ($1)