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Canon EOS SLR Wired Shutter Release (Work in Progress)

Canon EOS SLR Wired Shutter Release (Work in Progress)

Ok, just starting out, but I’m going to make a shutter control as described here: “Super Mini Switch – A RS60-E3 Replacement”.

Parts I have so far:

From a broken Casio calculator:
2x Calculator Buttons (I’m trying to decide which ones, I’m thinking either C (red) or EXP (grey) for exposure, and ‘.’ (blue) for focus)
1x Rubber Layer with buttons to trigger touch sensor

From a broken CD Player:
1x 3.5mm Stereo Plug

From my cool junk pile:
1x Touch Sensor

From an old machine my dad got from work:
1x SPST Toggle Switch (Off/On)

From Dallas Semiconductor:
1x Plastic Box for shipping and storing ICs

It’s a shame what people throw away, really. I found the “Broken CD Player” smashed to pieces on the ground, ditto with the Casio calculator. Total cost so far: $0

Update: Stuff I got from the Dollar Store for the project:
Cell phone headset (for the 2.5mm plug) ($1)