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Rock on!

Steve Slacker: (to OtherBot) Hi. Can you help me clean up this mess? I just stepped in someone's pile of sedimentary rock... It's really pretty gross...
OtherBot: Hello again. How are you today?
Steve Slacker: Sorry, I'm bored. Is there anything more interesting to chat about?
OtherBot: I enjoy chatting to you.
Steve Slacker: You're kewl.
OtherBot: That is a vicious rumour.
Steve Slacker: Ok. That's good.

My name isn't Tom

Katsumi asks in common, 'Bromri is a voyuer?'
Katsumi says in common, '
Phillip says in common, '
You say in common, '
A peeping tom'
You nod.
Katsumi says in common, 'Hm'
Phillip says in common, '
Lotsa men around'
Phillip says in common, '
He not..'
Phillip says in common, '
You know..'
Katsumi says in common, '
I'll have to keep my curtains closed'
You exclaim in common, '
You say in common, '
I mean'

Translation: RUN!!!

There are three exits: north, south, and west.
a disgusting, plague-ridden rat.
a disgusting, flea-ridden rat.

kill rat
You attack a disgusting, plague-ridden rat.
Rat attacks you!
Rat looks at Rat and squeaks.


Korugol says in common, 'I have an ancient pussy'
Korugol hops around.
Korugol hops around.
You stare.
Hibble stares.
Hibble asks in common, 'Eww?'
You agree with Hibble.
You nod.
Korugol says in common, 'Cat'
Hibble says in common, 'Oh'

A Thing for Gnomes

Grumum exclaims in southern, 'That girl is so sexy!'
You peer at Grumum quizzically.
Grumum smiles.
You say in common, 'I think the gnome likes you'
Grumum smiles.
You nod.
Joanna rolls her eyes.

Grumum asks in southern, 'I know! Can you believe it?'
You say in common, 'See'
You laugh.
Grumum giggles.
Joanna giggles.
Grumum smiles at Joanna.
You nod.
Joanna stares.
Mork nibbles on some grass.
You say in common, 'Told you'

That'll Work... I guess.

You say in common, 'All (obey urthan)'
Syryn whickers happily.

You think.
You ask in common, 'You take syryn in empty wagon? bring her back?'

Urthan nods dully.
Urthan takes syryn the white clydesdale mare (pulling a wooden wagon) from the rug.
You blink.
Urthan tramples your toes as he makes his way to the north.

Don't Do It!

Probably a bad idea to be fooling around out here.

No, really, it's way too dangerous out here to do stuff like that.

Inomi yells in common, 'Don't do it!!'

You're really asking for trouble.

Well, if you insist, I suppose...
You plunge from the catwalk!
You land on those pointy rocks by the beach! Ow!
The rocks hit your tail with destructive force!
Your tail has been destroyed!


You pat Hatchling on the head.
Hatchling croons deep in her throat, and lowers her eyelids.
You purr.
You cuddle with Hatchling.

Miroku chuckles.
Miroku pats Hatchling on the head.
Hatchling screeches at Miroku.
Miroku shrugs.
You nod to Hatchling.
You say in common, 'Mages are bad'
You say in common, 'Mages are bad'
You nod to Hatchling.
You say in common, 'Mages are food'
You nod to Hatchling.
Hatchling watches Miroku curiously.
You laugh.
Miroku grins.



Name ............................................... Idle Time
a reckless ranger
[old] Desla the creator ............................ 2s

There might be 6 players, but only 2 have the guts to admit it.
Estimated active characters: 280 this month, 100 today.
Ferdarchi was last renewed 39 seconds ago.

tell desla ?
Desla is editing.
Hum de dum de dum!


Name ............................................... Idle Time
a reckless ranger

Be Careful What Yo(r)u Wish For


Segliz Heart
This room oozes and pulses with magical energy. Dominating the middle of the
room is an extremely large gem, which pulses and glows with light. Lining the
walls are six somewhat large mirrors. It is blindingly bright here.
There is one obvious exit: east.
an extremely large faceted gem.
Deucalion the rowan.


  • Deucalion the rowan
  • Danor the elf
  • (and the rest is up to you to figure out.)


[...Insert at least a half an hour of idle chit-chat and Segliz-Heart channelling here...]

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