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write note
Subject: Fuego!
Type a series of lines. Finish by typing ‘**’ on a line by itself. Type ~h on a line by itself for help.

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67 [Ylw 13, 1514] Fuego!

You nod.
Alekhine reads a note titled ‘Fuego!‘.
Danor waits for Rhylla to come read.
Alekhine begins to incant a spell.
Alekhine’s bag begins to glow very brightly.
Alekhine agrees.
Alekhine waves.
Alekhine casually strolls away, heading toward the east.
You wave.

Healer’s Hall
This is an open and airy guest hall with a lofty ceiling. The walls are gleaming white with a geometric rose design border at the ceiling and the travertine floor is covered by a thick, soft rug. Cushions have been placed about the room to offer weary patients and travelers a place to sit. The room is furnished with an elegant rosewood cupboard, a low table and a bookshelf. Starlight streams in through broad windows on the east and west walls and a silver lamp in each corner of the room sheds a warm illumination. Near the door to the south is a small silver gong, no more than two handspans in diameter and a pair of signs are posted on the door itself. A set of broad stairs ascends in a gentle curve to the north. It is extremely bright here.
There are three exits: north, an open rosewood door leading south, and up.
an open knotty brula cask of water.
a bulletin board.
a rosewood box, and a rosewood trash barrel.
Boriat the gnome.

You shout in common, ‘Hey rhy?
Hum de dum de dum!
Rhylla shouts in common, ‘What?
You shout in common, ‘There’s a post for you on the souk board, it sounds important.
You grin.
You say in common, ‘This is going to hurt in 5..
You say in common, ‘4..
You say in common, ‘3..
The Leopard Champion arrives mysteriously from the north.
Snowmane canters toward you from the north.
Shady hops in from the north.
A figure shrouded in a somewhat large hooded cloak arrives mysteriously from the north.
Rhylla kicks you. OUCH!
The Leopard Champion flows majestically towards the north.
Snowmane trots away to the north.
Shady hops out towards the north.
A figure shrouded in a somewhat large hooded cloak flows mysteriously towards the north.
You say in common, ‘Ok, so i was off.