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You charred Pikachu’s right hind leg to a crisp with your green fire bolt.
Pikachu’s right hind leg is destroyed!
Pikachu died!
Lynx leaves the party.
Lynx vanishes in a flash of light!
Amulet (on Boriat) says, ‘holy shit
Rhyandra stares.
Zengo says in common, ‘Zengo not wants blow up
You exclaim in common, ‘I win!
Zengo says in common, ‘Better leave

Boriat looks at you and draws a finger across his neck.

You are suddenly struck by lightning!
Uh-oh, it’s nappy time.
You’re too dazed and confused to stay upright!
You fall unconscious!

A bolt of lighting streaks down from above, striking Feybol!
Feybol peers at the sky.
Psyche begins to incant a spell.
Boriat says in magic, ‘Someone killed a pikachu
A bolt of lighting streaks down from above, striking Psyche!
You peer at the sky.

This is a small room where the Healers can examine and tend to their patients.
The walls are gleaming white and the travertine floor is covered by a thick,
soft rug. Against one wall is a simple bed and a rosewood cupboard. On the
south wall is a portrait framed in a simple rosewood frame. Sunlight streams in
through a window on the east wall. It is blindingly bright here.
There is one obvious exit: an open rosewood door leading north.
the corpse of Silkenlor the orc surrounded by an octarine aura, and a rosewood
trash barrel.
Psyche the gnome (blurry).
Feybol the troll.
a figure shrouded in a silver frost wolf fur hooded cloak trimmed with sable.
Boriat the gnome.

You whistle.
Thalinder says in common, ‘Uh oh
Feybol says in common, ‘Hmm
Psyche giggles.
Thalinder says in common, ‘Well i think im going back to bed
Ogma cuddles the corpse of a pikachu surrounded by a scintillating aura.
You say in common, ‘Ogma’s still in mourning

[The rest of the night, Danor got lightning-bolted regularly with varying intensities]