Sphere gives you a deep and passionate kiss...it seems to take forever...

You shout in common, 'I got violated by a sphere!'

Danor nods sadly.

You are suddenly struck by lightning!
Hey, that tickles!

Leareth blinks.
You ponder the situation.
Danor cheers.

Leareth says in magic, 'You ok Silkenlor?'
You shout in common, 'That tickled!'
You shout in common, 'You need more powah!'

Leareth exclaims in magic, 'Sphere and lightning inside the Hg!'

Danor ducks.
You duck!
Danor quacks like a friggin' duck! QUACK!!!

You say in common, 'This is gonna hurt i bet'
Danor nods to you.


You say in common, 'Huh'
You say in common, 'Guess hes outta power'

You are suddenly struck by lightning!
Uh-oh, it's nappy time.
You're too dazed and confused to stay upright!
You fall unconscious!

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