...because Seven Eight Nine!

Eight scuttles toward you from the west.
Boriat says (OOC),'what kind of crappy name is Eight?'
Eight drops a pamphlet.
Boriat says in common, 'Nice to meet you, ... Eight'
(OOC) Norad shrugs
You snicker.
You ruffle Eight's hair playfully.
Eight says in common, 'Hi....'
Boriat thinks.
Ootay asks in magic, 'Eight is a leg count?'
Boriat feels around for his mood.
Noxa wanders around the room.
You sniff Eight. He smells like a spyder.
Boriat begins to incant a spell.
Boriat charred Eight's upper left hand to a crisp with his green fire bolt!
Eight's upper left hand is destroyed!
Eight died!
You shrug.
Boriat says (OOC),'rename'
(OOC) Norad cackles
Ootay exclaims in magic, 'Dang!'
Boriat says (OOC),'and I hope you heard my message, Eight, rename'
Anastasia reclaims the corpse of Eight the spyder with a ghostly figure above it.

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