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Canon EOS SLR Wired Shutter Release (Work in Progress)

Ok, just starting out, but I'm going to make a shutter control as described here: "Super Mini Switch - A RS60-E3 Replacement".

Parts I have so far:

From a broken Casio calculator:

New Antenna for WRTSL54GS

New Antenna for WRTSL54GS

Well, here is my WRTSL54GS's new antenna, liberated from an old BEF-11.

Field Day 2006

Ok, so I went out to Field Day 2006 (Last full weekend in June) for Saturday evening, we didn't have the stuff ready to camp out all night.

It was a fun day, including:

  • trying to find (dad's) car keys in the grass for hours, to find them sitting in the lawnchair's cupholder
  • getting lots of QSOs just as I sat down
  • an evening of mosquitos, chit-chat, QSOs

We finished the night by hitting a satellite repeater on my handy-talkie with Matthew, VA3MHB's hand-held Yagi antenna. It was a team effort trying to hold everything together and point the yagi at the r

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