‘I See Dead People’

‘I See Dead People’

This is a small room where the Healers can examine and tend to their patients. The walls are gleaming white and the travertine floor is covered by a thick, soft rug. Against one wall is a simple bed and a rosewood cupboard. On the south wall is a portrait framed in a simple rosewood frame. The purple light of sunset streams in through a window on the east wall. It is blindingly bright here.
There is one obvious exit: an open rosewood door leading north.
an open leather pouch, a burlap gunnysack, a cotton veil, a rosewood trash barrel, and an open rosewood cask of water.
Donovan the gnome.
Gie the gnome (blurry).

You say in common, ‘Uh
You ask in common, ‘Where’d the body go?
You stare.
Donovan asks in common, ‘What body?
You search the area.
You don’t find body.
You say in common, ‘The dead one
You say in common, ‘I must have missed it
Donovan asks in common, ‘What dead one?
Donovan peers at you quizzically.
You whisper, ‘I see dead people…‘ to Donovan in common.
You nod.
You nod.
Donovan boggles at the very concept.

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