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A Thing for Gnomes

A Thing for Gnomes

Grumum exclaims in southern, ‘That girl is so sexy!
You peer at Grumum quizzically.
Grumum smiles.
You say in common, ‘I think the gnome likes you
Grumum smiles.
You nod.
Joanna rolls her eyes.

Grumum asks in southern, ‘I know! Can you believe it?
You say in common, ‘See
You laugh.
Grumum giggles.
Joanna giggles.
Grumum smiles at Joanna.
You nod.
Joanna stares.
Mork nibbles on some grass.
You say in common, ‘Told you

Grumum takes a step back.
Grumum exclaims in southern, ‘I like you too, but we barely know each other!
Joanna blinks.
You laugh.
Grumum smiles.
Grumum says in southern, ‘You have such pretty eyes.
Grumum giggles.

You say in common, ‘He has a thing fer elven ladies I guess
Joanna says in common, ‘Must
Joanna says in common, ‘But im not into gnome’s
Joanna says in common, ‘Sorry
You comfort Grumum.

Grumum says in southern, ‘Awwww.
You say in common, ‘You made him sad
Joanna nods.
You say in common, ‘Well I’ll leave you and the gnome to play
Joanna grins.
Grumum grins.