Slap Slap

You say, 'I'm still waitin on my slap from desla'
Danor ponders the situation.
You say, 'Since he couldn't do it in spirit form'
Danor nods.
Katsumi says, 'Ah well'
Danor says, 'Reminded him about it'
Danor grins.
Katsumi laughs.
Danor flexes his tell.
Katsumi says, 'I'll make sure and tell him you need one too'
Danor ponders the situation.
Katsumi nods.
Danor nods.
Desla fades in.
Katsumi grins.
Desla says, 'As requested'
Danor cackles.
Danor does the Happy dance.
Desla takes danor the village idiot.

An elderly, benign looking being, who looks caring and important and busy, all
at once. He has a tattoo of A dagger on his right hand. He is an elf and about
your size.
]He has:
]Danor the village idiot, a gold coin on a chain (worn)
]a gold coin on a chain (worn).

Katsumi grins.
Desla slaps Katsumi with Danor.
Katsumi laughs.
Desla drops danor the village idiot.
Desla waves.
Katsumi says, 'Nice'
Desla turns two-dimensional, then turns sideways and vanishes.


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You know...this is funny. It

You know...this is funny. It was even funnier when it happened to me, though...