Microchip 16-bit Embedded Design Contest Kit

Microchip 16-bit Embedded Design Contest Kit

Woo! I got my contest kit for the Microchip 16-bit Embedded Design Contest.

According to their website, each contest kit contains:

  • Four 28-pin 16-bit processors with a wide range of features:
Product Pins Flash RAM ADC PWM UART/SPI/I2CTM CodeguardTM Security
PIC24FJ64A002 28 64KB 8KB 10-bit STD 2 ea
dsPIC30F2010 28 12KB 512B 10-bit Motor/Power 1 ea
dsPIC30F2012 28 12KB 512B 12-bit STD 1 ea
dsPIC30F2020 28 12KB 512B 10-bit Motor/Power 1 ea Yes
  • Seventeen Bonus Parts to boost your overall score and permit you to
    compete for the optional “Bonus Part” category prize:
Device Description Package
MCP9700 Voltage Output Temp Sensor 5-ld SC-70
MCP9800 Serial Output Temp Sensor 5-ld SOT-23
TC4427A Low-Side MOSFET Driver 8-ld SOIC
MCP608 Precision, Dual Op Amp 8-ld SOIC
MCP6022 10MHz, Dual Op Amp 8-ld SOIC
MCP6S26 6-Channel PGA 14-ld SOIC
MCP3421 18-bit Del-Sig ADC 6-ld SOT-23
MCP4011 6-bit, Volatile Digipot 8-ld SOIC
Communications Peripherals
ENC28J60 10BASE-T SPI Ethernet Controller 28-pin SPDIP
MRF24J40 IEEE 802.15.4TM RF Transceiver 40 pin QFN
24LC01BT-I/OT 1Kbit I2C serial EEPROM 5-ld SOT-23
24LC16BT-I/OT 16Kbit I2C Serial EEPROM 5-ld SOT-23
24LC512-I/SM 512Kbit I2C Serial EEPROM 8-ld SOIC(207 mil)
93LC46BT-I/OT 1Kbit Microwire Serial EEPROM 6-ld SOT-23
93LC66B-I/SN 4Kbit Microwire Serial EEPROM 8-ld SOIC
25LC010A-I/SN 1Kbit SPI Serial EEPROM 8-ld SOIC
25LC256-I/SN 256Kbit SPI Serial EEPROM 8-ld SOIC
  • Contestant Resource CD: This CD contains a wealth of tools, libraries and educational resources to
    create an outstanding submission in minimal time.  This CD is a must even
    if your intention is only to evaluate Microchip’s 16-bit product lines. 
    It contains:
    • A fully enabled C compiler. Full features are retained for the duration of
      the Contest (through October).  This beats buying one for $895!
    • Microchip’s complete MPLAB Integrated Development
    • Communication and File Management Stacks
    • Math and DSP Libraries
    • Links to downloadable advanced libraries (Software Modems, Speech
      Compression, much more – all free for you to use in the contest)
    • Application Notes and code examples
    • FilterLab and DSP visualization tools
    • Self-education to ramp your learning on Microchip’s 16-bit products
    • Data sheets and reference manuals for all the 16-bit parts
    • Much more
  • Coupons for Steep discounts on development tools: Now you can be set
    up with a full development environment including programmer, debugger,
    development board, C compiler, full access to libraries for under 100

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